Architect, Analyst, Designer, Strategist, and Writer

My bachelor's degree in English Education focuses on the discipline of reading, writing, research, and the innovative use of technology. My minors include speech, communications, and computer science. When combined, I have the educational backing and many years of experience to effectively communicate highly technical and process oriented information in written, video, and verbal format for technical and non-technical audiences, be it support-based, educational, or marketing specific.

My background in user experience design includes comprehensive survey creation, data collection, executive reporting, UXL design, user experience testing, application layout, and the creation of supporting application content for both internal and external audiences.

My background in business analysis includes the creation of use-case diagrams, in-depth process documentation, detailed illustrations to assist in the communication of business and customer specifications, improvements to development processes, and review of requirements to ensure the business objectives and customer requirements are being met. My background in Information Architecture greatly assists in this area, as its focus is on the communication between systems as well as the overall business system structure.

I have produced online and offline technical design, process specific, reference, and sample code documentation for hardware and software across multiple platforms and operating systems. I am also trained in project management, user acceptance testing, several programming languages, both Agile and Waterfall design processes, and am confident working with various sized teams located locally or internationally as both a team member and a team lead.

I continue to educate and self-motivate myself to produce consistent quality that meets corporate and stakeholder standards. I thrive in competitive and high-stress environments, relish challenges, engage new opportunities with earnest excitement, and am always ready to learn something new.